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A growing midsized community health center and a large orthopedic practice, both with multiple locations, desired support in keeping track of all of their employees’ time. These companies had a pronounced need for an integrated time clock system. They wanted resilient and dependable software that would integrate with their established Microsoft Dynamics GP platform. After reviewing a variety of time clock solution options, they chose Business Computers Software’s Time Matrix product. Time Matrix primarily works with Microsoft Dynamics GP, as it works natively and also as a front-end solution built within GP.


Time Matrix integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll. It is able to read employees and their departments, different pay codes and positions from Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is also able to track an employee’s available vacation and sick days and post time to the payroll transaction entry. The Human Resources module reads time codes and posts time to Time and Attendance. Although these healthcare organizations didn’t need it, Time Matrix also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Manufacturing, Time Card Entry, Project Accounting and Sales Order Processing (it reads orders and items). It also interfaces with most common Microsoft Dynamics industry-specific software packages, such as WennSoft for Service Management and Job Costing, Olympics Project Cost, and Horizons Manufacturing.


The healthcare organizations found Time Matrix extremely beneficial because it works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, including in scenarios with multiple locations and multiple salaried employees and hourly employees who need to record their time. The data is stored in real time in GP. The employer is able to determine who is clocked in and who is clocked out. The change pay rate in GP will reflect automatically and updates in Time Matrix. It reads and writes all the tables from Microsoft Dynamics GP directly without having to do imports/exports. This saves time by not having to double-enter the posts of an employee’s individual pay raises and status in separate databases; this, in turn, increases productivity.


With this solution you can also push information to the employees through the time clock. The messaging can be sent throughout the company or as department-wide announcements for the team, and unique alerts can even be generated for specific individuals.

There is also a web time-entry clock portal for remote employees who need to log their time through the web. This application is optimized specifically for mobile devices, so anyone with a smartphone can access the Internet and enter his or her time. There are multiple ways to clock in. You can clock in and out of different departments, work in different locations or in different departments within a location, and track how much time is spent at each location.


There are a variety of ways to utilize Business Computers Software’s Time Matrix time clock. There is often no need to purchase new hardware. The time clock can use an optional touch screen monitor, a magnetic card reader, a bar code scanner or even a sophisticated finger vein reader.


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Submitted by: Christopher Tepper and Jennifer Swiderski - The TM Group

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