How Good Manufacturers Achieve Greatness with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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This is not a story about a manufacturer that had hit rock bottom and needed a bailout. This is a story about a manufacturer and distributor of medical products that was already good at what it did, but minds behind the operation wanted to achieve greatness. For Beekley Medical , that meant taking a hard look at the way they ran their business and determining if there were ways they could get more productivity and efficiency out of their current systems.

beekley_productsThen they were good…

This company was already fully invested in Microsoft Dynamics GP. They had trusted it as their financial engine for over a decade, even dating back to when it was called Great Plains software. But they were running an old version because customizations done over the years made it difficult to upgrade, and running an old version meant they could not take advantage of new functionality, especially for automating manufacturing processes. So Beekley Medical asked advice from their local Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, CAL Business Solutions.

First CAL helped the Beekley Medical team add SalesPad to Dynamics GP, a third party product for all-in-one order entry, inventory, and sales management for the distribution industry. Rather than modifying the Dynamics GP code as they did with their previous version, they were able to push their pick and pack process customizations out through SalesPad. This allowed them to use a clean version of Dynamics GP and upgrade to the latest version.

Now they are great…

Beekley Medical manufactures and distributes a wide range of medical products. By using Dynamics GP Manufacturing, they were able to move to same day shipping and reduce the amount of time spent taking inventory. What once took four days out of the month could now be accomplished routinely through spot inventory checks, keeping the business flowing.

Using SalesPad helped them achieve greatness in additional ways too. By providing customers with a faster and more coherent sales experience, Beekley has increased order volume by 10% without increasing its workforce. And they have reduced order time from 2.5 minutes per customer to only 1 minute.

Greatness = World Class Customer Care

For Beekley Medical, how do they define greatness? Being able to provide world class customer care.

Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad from CAL Business Solutions has helped them toward this goal. Read the Beekley Medical case study:

If you a manufacturing or distribution company that wants to go from good to great, contact CAL Business Solutions, [email protected] or 860-485-0910x4.

Watch the short 3 minute Beekley Medical testimonial video:

Watch the video at:

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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