Dynamics GP Trials are great – but use them wisely

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Companies evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP are increasingly using 30 day trials as a way of testing the functionality of the software. There is a good reason to do this – it is quick and easy to provision, it is free, and it gives you the full functionality right out of the box. But when downloading a trial, make sure you consider these 3 important factors


A trial can create more questions than it answers – in a perfect world, all software would be as easy to use as your Smartphone: turn it on, push a few buttons, and it is easy to navigate from there. A Dynamics GP trial will work that way as well – to a point. You will be able to launch the program, and quickly see how to manage your financials, generate reports, get a handle on cash flow, etc. But the powerful functionality you need to run your business – such as setting up internal controls, system notifications and managing inventory – will need to be explained a little bit up front. Without out some guidance, you will probably miss seeing in action a lot of the features you will need.


You will not have as much time to explore the trial as you think – You are working hard to keep your business running smoothly, so learning all the nuances of Dynamics GP will have to be balanced against the daily demands of your job. What happens when your 30 Day Trial expires, and you still did not get a chance to look at features you wanted to evaluate?


Are you downloading the trial to avoid pushy salespeople? – many businesses today look to “self-serve” their demo experience, and learn the information at their own pace without any outside pressure from the software company or their affiliate. This is certainly understandable – after all, when looking for services who wants to spend time talking to a salesperson about budget, the decision making process, requirements, scheduling a demo, etc. But it does not have to be that way with a trial. By selecting the right Dynamics GP partner, you can download a 30 Day trial and get only the assistance you need in learning what Dynamics GP can do. From that point forward, you can make an informed decision if it is the right solution or not – on your own time.


If you would like to learn more about how a 30 Day Trial of Dynamics GP can be best utilized, please visit our Dynamics GP page or call us today at 866-504-4357.


By Intellitec Solutions www.intellitecsolutions.com, a Delaware and Pennsylvania based Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL Partner


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