Security Setup in Dynamics GP Compared to QuickBooks

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Both Dynamics GP and QuickBooks products start security setup centered on company databases and users – who has access to which company database. Dynamics GP and QuickBooks Enterprise then move into security  centered on module and function capability, and both provide pre-defined roles to assist in definition of these setup options plus the ability to define custom roles. That’s where QuickBooks stops and Dynamics GP keeps on going.

Dynamics GP Security Task Setup

QB 1

When creating custom tasks which are rolled into roles assigned to users, three additional levels are employed:

  1. Products including third-party modules fully integrated with the Dynamics GP User Interface
  2. Functionality Type such as windows, reports, files, etc.
  3. Series, for example Purchasing with Payables Management and Purchase Order Processing,

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Once at the Series level, a list of Operations appear from which to select. The window allows limitation to view only the selected items or all items.

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This may appear intimidating to the novice user, but remember there are pre-defined roles with pre-defined access. You can keep it simple if you want to or you can develop custom roles as your growing company needs.

Selective Security Options and Passwords in Dynamics GP Module Setup Windows

Within various modules, security for Dynamics GP continues with common functions that a small or mid-size company may want to restrict. Exceeding Credit Limit, Remove Customer Hold, and other restrictions are available within Receivables, for example.

QB 4


Optional User-defined Field Level Security

With user-defined settings, Dynamics GP can setup special treatment of any field. After repeatedly deleting entire Project Accounting timesheets instead of individual roles, we protected that field within our system.



Optional Organizational Structure Setup

Do you have a little cross-departmental competition for information going on? If you want to restrict the manager of production from viewing financial accounts belonging to the marketing department, with appropriate design of your chart of account segments and setup within the Organizational Structure, you can prevent access across departments.

QB 6

Security within Dynamics GP Keeps on Going

I haven’t touched on SQL Server security setup or Business Alerts
I also haven’t discussed Activity Tracking
Then there are Audit Controls
And let’s not forget third-party products for Risk Management

Those articles will follow in additional blogs.

Gloria Braunschweig is a veteran of mainframe, minicomputer, and Dynamics GP installations. Computeration has over a 20 year record with Great Plains Accounting and Dynamics GP. We are the Idaho partner of record and install throughout Oregon, Washington, and all Western States. Our Zap Integration tool imports work, open, and history transactions from QuickBooks into Dynamics GP.

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