Not-For-Profits Upgrading Business Solutions To Get Back In The Game

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Economic conditions have caused many not-for-profits and associations to struggle with depleting resources as they battle with the increasing need for transparency and accountability.  As businesses shift to more robust business management solutions such as accounting software, not-for-profits can follow suit and reap the benefits of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.  Not only can ERP guide a not-for-profit to do more with less, the right solution offers the accountability that their membership demands.

Not-for-profits often lag behind traditional for-profit businesses with the use of various technologies.  Tight budgets make it difficult for not-for-profits to invest in new business solutions and the economy has really put a strain on already strained budgets.  Struggling with inappropriate, disparate accounting software programs can exacerbate some of the problems that not-for-profits are facing.  It’s hard to impress your membership when you can’t quickly access data about specific members when they call, you fill up mailboxes with mass mailers instead of customized correspondence, and your basic accounting software can’t provide detailed financial reports.  You simply can’t earn the trust and support of your membership with outdated, entry-level software or spreadsheets. 

The good news is that an ERP accounting software solution is not outside of your reach.  Cloud-based solutions can eliminate much of the need for expensive hardware and can be quicker to install than an on-premise solution.  You can also save money by eliminating multiple software licensing fees for a single, integrated ERP solution.  Finally, the ERP solution itself can improve productivity and get you closer to the data you need to impress your membership.  Instead of paging through file folders or spreadsheets, you can use your ERP solution to organize and get meaningful data about your membership, the services you provide, as well as important financial figures.

Integrated ERP solutions make it easier for businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit alike, to enter, control, and monitor the data needed to be successful and provide superior customer services.  ERP solutions are more efficient than disparate solutions, reduce the need for redundant data entry which improves data accuracy, and makes it easier to identify trending data.  You can use your data to get to know your membership better and provide more value-added services.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about upgrading your business solutions so you focus on your membership, without further straining your budget.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

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