Manage Multiple Companies with One ERP Solution: Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Can a single ERP solution enable you to manage multiple companies effectively?

It can when it is Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a number of tools that enable multi-company transactions seamlessly:

  • The Intercompany Processing module automatically creates journal entries in both the source and destination companies when General Ledger and Payables transactions from a source company include intercompany distributions, making data entry a snap.
  • The free Professional Services Tools Library includes triggers that can be enabled so that GL Accounts, Customer records, and Vendor records can be managed across multiple companies from a single data entry point.
  • To help avoid accidentally entering data into the wrong company, the Support Debugging Tool enables you to color-code companies within the system so that you always know which company’s data you are working with.  Learn more.
  • There are also several ISV solutions available to help you manage multiple companies with Dynamics GP.

All the tools and features available don’t mean anything if the solution doesn’t work in the real-world.  Fortunately, it does!  Hear from three organizations using Microsoft Dynamics GP for multi-company transactions how the solution works for them:

“We chose Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 because it had a lot of variety as far as the chart of accounts, we wanted to set up locations in our chart of accounts departments. We have 11 locations and it would be nice to do a P&L for each location if we could and really break out expenses for those departments and our old software really wasn’t capable of doing that.”
– Rita Hunter, Digital Dish
Watch Digital Dish’s complete video testimonial

“We have multiple companies and we are doing multiple general ledgers, they have intercompany transactions, and GP does an outstanding job for us at maintaining those intercompany accounts. We’re able to make one entry and it affects all of the companies; it keeps everything in balance. That’s peace of mind for me as the controller. I don’t really think about those inter-companies like I would normally have to because I know they are in balance every month.”
- Jim Felter, Hattie Larlham Care Group
Watch Hattie Larlham’s complete video testimonial

“[Microsoft Dynamics GP] fits our unique business needs because we have so many different operating companies. They’re all fairly unique, but because of the full integration of the system and also being able to integrate data into the system from these other operating systems, we are able to use the full functionality of the system”

– Maureen Surkamp, Sheakley
Watch Sheakley’s full video testimonial

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  1. Re your article "Manage Multiple Companies with One ERP Solution: Microsoft Dynamics GP", do you need a separate Dynamics GP license for each of the companies in this scenario?

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