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HR Enhancements in Dynamics AX 2012

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Did you know that the Human Resources module for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now standard functionality? The human resource module for Dynamics AX  features a centralized database with full ERP integration to track and manage your workforce personnel including organization hierarchies, jobs, and positions, fixed and variable compensation plans, recruitment, absence management, performance management functions such as reviews and goal setting, and training courses.

New interface enhancements such as role centers let you to tailor your daily tasks and reporting metrics allowing a more personalized, role-based user experience. Improvements to the organization structure and shared worker information enables you to build hierarchy structures representative to your organization chart. Approximately 175 tables are now shared in Dynamics AX 2012. In prior versions, users had to log in and out of companies to manage applicants, employees, and employee information. These processes have been streamlined as the data is shared across all legal entities.

Enhanced on-boarding features allow you to organize recruitment projects and track worker information from application to retirement. The Employee form has been replaced with the Worker form and can be designated as an Employee or a Contractor. Furthermore, the data entry forms for hiring and terminating workers have been simplified for quicker, more efficient entry.

In addition to the enhanced functions, several new features have been added to AX 2012's HR solution. New injury and illness functionality allows you to create and track incident information including such details as date and location of injury, costs related to the incident, and the ability to track treatment and follow-up reporting.

New benefit tracking functionality was added to AX 2012 to maintain information on employee benefit plans. You can track benefit enrollment, and dependent/beneficiary designation of contact relationships.

Lastly, time and attendance functionality, formerly maintained in the shop floor control module has been incorporated into Human Resources to track worker time registrations, approvals, and integration with absence management to make your workforce more productive. Whether you are a current user of Dynamics AX HR module,  improved functionality will help you expand and leverage human resource management processes for your business.

Joseph Owens, AX Consultant, AKA Enterprise Solutions

One Response to “HR Enhancements in Dynamics AX 2012”

  1. Rav says:


    I’m trying to print a worker / employee record from AX 2012 R3 but am unable to print their image with the record.

    I can print their name / ID and badge ID / barcode just not their image.

    Please advise how to do this?

    Thanks in advance,