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Give Your Aviation Safety Management System A Boost

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There are fewer businesses that put as high of a value on safety than the aviation industry.  Every time a passenger embarks on a trip, their lives are in the very hands of the owners and operators of the aircraft.  Managing maintenance history and tracking parts is of critical importance, which is why aviation businesses are using cutting-edge business management technology to monitor and measure safety performance.

Safety Management Systems (SMS) involve defining and monitoring safety policy, evaluating potential risks, and making sure that safety is a priority at all levels of your enterprise.  Keeping track of personnel licensing and certifications, crew member qualifications and responsibilities, training activities, flight planning and operations, aircraft maintenance and equipment, and other core aviation operations is no easy task.  There is a lot of data to collect, monitor, and analyze to make sure that your aviation business is in compliance with applicable regulations, as well as safety policies and procedures.  Specialty systems, spreadsheets, and paper files are inefficient and it’s easy for data to get misplaced, misfiled, or simply lost. 

Using the right tool for the job is as important in the office as it is in the hangar.  Which is why many aviation businesses are turning to Microsoft Dynamics® GP with Corridor and Aerolink, by Sherwood Systems.  These integrated solutions can manage all of your core business processes including financials, supply chain, project and services management, human resources and payroll; as well as equipment maintenance records, employee certifications and training, and other data often needed for a successful SMS.  An integrated, single solution makes it easier for all of your key managers to enter, find, and use the data needed to ensure that crew members are qualified and that aircraft is safe to fly.  Data seamlessly links between Corridor and Microsoft Dynamics GP, which reduces the chance for redundant data entry and protects the integrity of your critical data.

Having all of your important business data at your fingertips will make it easier to monitor the data needed in an SMS program, access it for an audit, and leverage it to your advantage.  Use your business data to improve safety practices, make sure your people are appropriately trained, and ensure that all aircraft are in top working order.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Corridor to give your safety systems, and other operations, a boost that can take your business to new heights.

By Sherwood Systems, an Arizona Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner

3 Responses to “Give Your Aviation Safety Management System A Boost”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. a real help..

  2. Adeel Khero says:

    this will surely help in understanding overall performance.

  3. Caryl Anne says:

    To me, it would be best to have all business data at your fingertips because it helps to ensure that all aircraft employees and systems are in top working order and align with each other. I agree that this will help improve safety and other related costs. Thanks for sharing!

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