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Every business strives to provide superior customer service.  After all, impressing the customer with high-quality products and personalized service is important to developing long-term relationships.  However, providing great customer service isn’t as easy as it could be, especially when your team isn’t working together.  Disparate systems and isolated customer data make it difficult to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and demands.  Connect your team with an integrated business solution and give customers exactly what they want.

It is not unusual for managers to utilize specialty software or ‘creative’ spreadsheets to organize their departmental data.  The problem is that such individualized data is only useful to that person or that department and it isn’t always meaningful to other departments.  Working independently also creates bottlenecks in many business processes.  For example, imagine that a customer wants to place a replenishment order but their sales representative is on vacation.  How will a colleague find that customer’s previous order and fulfill it without being able to quickly access reliable, accurate customer information?  Meanwhile, the customer is put on hold or delayed for days, which can cause problems on their end as well.  When a customer has a bad experience, they will move on to a company that can deliver personalized, prompt customer service.

Build greater collaboration and communication throughout your business by implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  A comprehensive, integrated solution will put all of your business data in a single repository, including financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and payroll, and more.  You and your colleagues can quickly and easily look up historical sales data and customer data to respond quickly to customer needs, whether their main contact is in the office or on vacation.  You can also integrate ERP with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  Together, these two powerful business management solutions can give you greater insight and control over even more business data.  You can watch for trends in customer behaviors, products that are selling well (nor not), as well as monitor the results of sales and marketing efforts.

There is strength in numbers and when your team is working together, customers are more likely to get the consistent, personalized attention that they demand.  Contact Perimeter Business Solutions for more information about the business solutions that can strengthen your business relationships and help you provide customers everything they want and expect from your business.

By Mark D. Kosakowski of Perimeter Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Georgia

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