Gaining Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX and SL Inventory Distribution and Manufacturing

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In today’s warehouse, improving efficiency by cutting costs, reducing waste and increasing responsiveness to business and customer needs is a ”must do” to remain competitive. The real question isn’t “Do I want to”, but “HOW do I even get started” improving efficiency.  There are a multitude of suggestions for operational leaders and warehouse managers, everything from clean the facility to automate everything. “Best practices” can be difficult to identify and even more challenging to implement.  Current operations must continue while the new methods are implemented.  Often the struggle to truly find enough “down time” to bring the new system up adds delays and frustration.

The best approach is to evaluate all your options and then identify those “biggest bang for the buck” projects first. To help identify these high ROI items, it can be beneficial to engage experts in Warehouse Management at this initial planning phase.

Warehouse Management experts walk more warehouses than you can imagine.  They are battle tested by planning for nuances from every industry!   From Food and Beverage to Medical to Non-Profit to CPG;  electronics to plastics to recycled appliances to books and educational materials;  flour to animal feed to coffee to dairy to dressings and condiments to wine and even craft brewing!

Warehouse Management experts may have even been challenged with going beyond the 4 walls of your facility, from Remote Site to Route Delivery to Field Service.  If you need real-time visibility into your inventories, the experts have found ways to track and trace the inventory movements so relevant data can be presented to stakeholders who need to make real-time business decisions.

Warehouse Management experts are trained in disciplines such as Six Sigma and Lean Principles.  They are exposed to different warehouse configurations, whether optimizing for picking small items, high volume orders or partial picking processes.  The experts know a variety of manufacturing methods including work cell, formula and recipe based process and discrete manufacturing.

The early stages of warehouse workflow analysis and process improvement endeavors are the right time to engage with Warehouse Management experts.  A professional assessment can help address your challenges and provide recommendations on the highest possible return on your investments!

One company with Warehouse Management experts that you can trust is Appolis.  Contacting Appolis can be done right from their website at  While you are there, be sure and check out their industry leading WithoutWire™ Warehouse (WMS) solution.  You will not be disappointed, and you will soon be on a path to unlocking the power of warehouse and inventory efficiency gains with a sustainable solution that scales!

Nicole Jensen

Appolis Inc.


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