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ERP Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

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Mobile apps empower customers, partners, and employees to accomplish a task, receive an alert, answer a question, or send a message. What happens when ERP solution providers develop mobile apps? You get solutions that enable employees to perform focused tasks that are backed by a robust ERP database solution. Mobile apps allow the user to carry the power of a PC and mobility of a scanner in an easy-to-use tablet device.
Mobile and tablet apps have significant benefits: 1) they are more affordable than the batch and RF scanners used in many of today’s manufacturing facilities, 2) they allow for a more engaged user experience due in large part to the amount of screen-real-estate available on a tablets, and 3) the yearly subscription fee has no limit to the number of users.

Affordability, but Caution!
Many manufacturers utilize Symbol or Intermec bar code scanners costing thousands of dollars each to perform scanning functions on their plant floor. Android tablets, equipped with Bluetooth scanners cost about 20% of the older, hardened scanners. This means you can choose to save a significant amount on your equipment, or empower many more employees for the same investment amount. A word of caution, however, Android tablets are not “hardened” for plant floor use. In most cases [no pun intended], there are many third-party wrappers that can be used for drop and bump protection while still keeping the investment priced significantly lower than the hardened counterparts.

Better Engaged User Experience
The standard block style scanners provide about 4 display lines that require the use of function keys and up/down arrows to view data. Mobile Apps provide easy to read touch screens that are more intuitive and provide a better user interface experience. In fact, mobile apps backed by a robust ERP database solution like AIM Vision allow for real-time validation and error checking that help accelerate business processes and improve productivity. The mobile tablet approach is more readily accepted by users. By 2016, U.S. Consumers are projected to have more than 125 million tablets. Android tablets in the work-environment are similar to tablets they are accustomed to for private use. Most users do not envision themselves’ using a retail-like scanner, but feel comfortable with a tablet, and are much more eager to use the new tool and consequently absorb its functions at a much faster pace.

Unlimited Users
A yearly subscription fee has no limit to the number of users. This means if you are performing a Physical / Cycle Inventory Count and want to empower 10 or 20 people with tablets, you can without hesitation or concern that you are maxing out your user license. In fact, research shows that employees appreciate the value of smartphones and tablet so much that they are often willing to buy their own and utilize them on the job (at a cost savings for the company).

AIM Computer Solutions offers AIM Mobility – Mobile Apps for Shipping, Inventory and Production; new apps are be added regularly. If you are repetitive manufacturer or are working with a repetitive manufacturer who needs a flexible automotive-centric ERP software solution that empowers employees to improve productivity, then contact us. AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. is a Michigan-based Microsoft Certified ISV and ERP Partner with automotive-centered ERP and SCM solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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