eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the Education Industry

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As the number of consumers who shop online continues to grow, the importance of an eCommerce website becomes clearer to business owners. This has led to an increased number of unique businesses online across different verticals, including organizations that fall into the education industry.

Educational institutions, or businesses that sell to these organizations, their staff and students have several different product categories to cover. A university or community college might want to sell online classes and include registration and payment options over the Internet. Third party businesses could sell textbooks online to professors and students or reading books to elementary school teachers. There are also B2B companies that sell school supplies directly to the educational organizations in bulk like glue, notebooks, pencils or software licenses. Those same businesses could also sell to consumers in smaller quantities. Then, there is school swag, which falls under apparel, sporting goods, home goods and more. In conclusion, when it comes to selling online, there are many possibilities for businesses that fall into the education industry.

When evaluating eCommerce solutions for the education industry, integration with whatever ERP is used should be considered. Choosing an eCommerce solution from Azox/k-eCommerce offers deep integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, AX or CRM. This solution allows a business in the education industry to:

• Make educational tools and products easily accessible online
• Help consumers navigate large product catalogs with advanced search and filters
• Customize environments to show students products relevant to them, or teachers products they would be interested in
• And of course, inventory management, order tracking and secure payment processing to round out the solution

There are several other useful features as well, such as digital goods, which allows users to make a purchase and download instantly, like an electronic book or an audio file. Online bill pay is another useful add on that businesses in the education industry can benefit from. This would allow students to purchase online classes, for example, and make payments over time based on net terms that have been set up.

Organizations in the education industry can benefit from implementing an eCommerce solution that integrates with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Azox/k-eCommerce has all the above mentioned functionalities and more. Our solutions integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, AX and CRM and offer businesses the option to host on premise or in the cloud. Azox/k-eCommerce also has a payment processing solution that is PA-DSS certified along with an online bill pay module. For more information, please visit our website or contact the sales team to schedule a demo.

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