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Andrew King, WebSan Solutions, Inc.

Dynamics GP: Why Aren’t My Cash Receipts Displaying in The Bank Reconciliation?

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Often, clients will ask why a particular Cash Receipt is not displaying in the Bank Reconciliation when it comes time to close the month.  Many times, users will forget that a Bank Deposit is required before the transactions will display in the Chequebook subledger.  This is an important security step as the  person receiving funds should not be the same person depositing those funds into the bank.  Further, cash receipts are often grouped together when deposited into the bank, thus, making one single large bank transaction instead of many small transactions which may need to be reconciled.

To complete a Bank Deposit, navigate to Transactions > Financial > Bank Deposit.  In this window, you will find three Types:  Deposit with Receipts, Deposit without Receipts, Clear Unused Receipts.  We recommend all clients use only Deposits with Receipts as this forces users to perform Cash Receipts from a Customer in order to deposit funds into the Bank.  Depositing without Receipts can cause differences between the General Ledger and the Chequebook subledger due to the fact that the Bank Deposit Entry window does not have General Ledger distributions associated with it.  Clear Unused Receipts only applies to situations where a Cash Receipt should not be deposited in the Bank which can also lead to differences between the General Ledger and the Chequebook subledger.

Bank Deposit
Bank Deposit

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2 Responses to “Dynamics GP: Why Aren’t My Cash Receipts Displaying in The Bank Reconciliation?”

  1. Cathy says:

    I cannot locate CASH RECEIPTS Entry window in my Microsoft DYnamics AX 2012. What would it be under:
    Periodic or Common or Journal????