Dynamics GP 2013 Year End FAQ

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With all of the updates for closing out your year, you are bound to have plenty of questions. So we pulled out a couple of the Frequently Asked Questions published by Microsoft to give you a head start. To get a full list of FAQ’s, click here to download the full U.S 2013 Year-End Update.

What will happen if I’ve already closed the 2013 Payroll tax year and didn’t install the 2014 tax update?

Unfortunately, your 2014 pay runs may be wrong. This can be fixed as soon as you install the 2014 tax update containing FICA, federal and state tax changes.


Do I have to install the year-end tax update for each company if I use multiple companies with my accounting system?

No. The update will reflect in all companies. But, you do need to install the update on each computer using Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Do I need to print 2014 checks before I can print W-2s?

Well, you can do this one of two ways:

Using Laser form “sets” To print all the required forms for each employee at a time (you’re using laser form “sets”), simply enter the number of copies you need to print in the “number of copies” field in the Print dialog box that appears after you choose Print in the Print W-2 forms window.

Using Laser form “sheets” To print all forms for all employees, repeat the Printing W-2 Statements procedure as many times as necessary to print the required number of copies.


Having trouble aligning your W-2 forms correctly?

Try this method to correct alignment issues:

1.)    Print the W-2s to the screen.

2.)    Choose the printer icon button on the top left.

3.)    A print dialog box with horizontal and vertical alignments will appear on the right. Follow this chart to make adjustments according to your particular issues.

Problem Adjustment
Form prints too high Enter a positive vertical adjustment (.25 is one line).
Form prints too low Enter a negative vertical adjustment (-.25 is one line).
Form prints too far right Enter a negative horizontal adjustment.
Form prints too far left Enter a positive horizontal adjustment.


You may have closed the year and would like to print the 941 for the prior year, but guess what, it’s blank! Want to know why?

The 941 report is date sensitive. So make sure The Microsoft Dynamics GP user date and the year you are printing for are the same.


Need to know how to verify federal withholding taxes?

1.)    Verify your employee’s records in the Payroll Employee Tax Maintenance window (Cards >> Payroll >> Tax). Check to see if any additional amounts have been entered in the Additional Withholding and Estimated Withholding fields.

2.)    Open the Deduction Setup window. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Payroll >> Deduction. Verify that all deductions are marked as TSA are marked correctly.

3.)    Be sure that the pay frequency of the employee’s pay codes matches the pay period of your company. For example, if you pay your employees semimonthly, the pay frequency for the employee’s pay code, deduction, and benefit should also be semimonthly.


Have deductions and/or benefits set to print in the same box on the W-2 statement with the same label?

Don’t worry; the amounts will be combined and print as one.


Need to print Medicare Qualified Government employees? Here’s how you do that:

In the Print W-2 Forms window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Routines >> Payroll >> Print W-2s), select the Medicare Qualified Government Employee option in the Employee Type box. The W-2 statements for Medicare Qualified Government Employees are printed separately.


Do you need to know the source of the Employer Identification Number that appears as a default in the Print W-2 Forms window? The number is the federal or state ID entered in the Unemployment Tax Setup window. Follow these steps:

(Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Setup >> Payroll >>Unemployment Tax) in the Unemployment Tax ID field.


You will notice that there is a list used to select the year in both the Edit W-2 Information and Print W-2 Forms window. You might wonder if there is a limit to the years available. Also, if each year added to the year-end wage file, or does each year have separate year-end wage files created during the year-end closing process?

During the Payroll year-end closing process, the Year-End Wage File is created. Multiple years of history can be saved. If you choose the same year twice when performing the process, the previous file will be replaced by the new file. As long as the correct year is entered each time, the new year’s information will be added to the file. This information can be cleared using the Remove Payroll Year-End Information window.


Curious as to where the information will appear if you add information in the Edit W-2 Special Information window (Special button in the Edit W-2 Information window) without entering information in the Edit W-2 Information window?

This information will be printed on the additional W-2.


Lastly, what should you do if the correct Last Year-End Update doesn’t appear in the Payroll Setup window, even though you installed the 2013 year-end update and see the changes included in the update; this is what you should do.

The Last Year-End Update date is read from the LastYearEndUpdate= line in the Dex.ini file. When you install a year-end update on a particular computer, the Dex.ini file on that computer is updated. However, in some Windows Terminal Server deployments, there is only a single installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, which many users access. Each user typically has a Dex.ini file in their home Windows folder. Installing the year-end update on the server doesn’t update each user’s Dex.ini file. In these situations, you should manually update each user’s Dex.ini file so that the appropriate line reads LastYearEndUpdate=11/15/2013.


To download a full copy of the Microsoft Dynamics GP U.S. 2013 Year-End Update, click here.

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