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Going paperless can save your office thousands!
Going paperless can save your office thousands!
Going paperless can save your office thousands!



Across several industries, a variety of companies are automating a variety of methods and moving paper records on-line. The advantages are immense - by finishing processes like invoicing, accounts receivable, or payable tasks and various other functions, companies will eliminate the requirement for filing cabinets, undue amounts of paper and might additionally mitigate the danger that such files are going to be misplaced or otherwise destroyed.

Turning to document management practices, however, may also have major blessings for corporations within the realm of value savings, which might be supremely vital for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only is digitizing financial processes convenient, however it permits companies to save plenty of money compared to manually completing tasks in-house.

Processes made easier

According to Business2Community, there are myriad functions which will be digitized and help a business' productivity experience a boost. For example, invoicing, approving loans, amending mortgages, client onboarding, process sales orders, rectifying insurance claims and many of others will facilitate an organization save time and cash if they were to be done on-line.

The main advantage of relying on electronic workflow policies is that it enables the "flow of documents from worker to worker, streamlining and adding a formal structure to the process," claimed the news source. This can also save man hours, in that employees wouldn't have to take time out of their busy day to hand deliver paperwork for in-house processes to other staffers. Moreover, the news provider noted that this can make work much easier on employees who are stationed in different regions, as they wouldn't have to travel to the office for certain forms or datasets.

Plus, Business 2 Community also explained that this can help fortify both customer and supplier relationships, thereby increasing the amount of business a firm can complete. The strategy of monitoring an individual invoice approval process can aid this goal in real time as well.

Individual processing operations are cheaper
According to a case study, after the World Triathlon Corporation embraced electronic workflow solutions, they were able to realize cost savings immediately in every invoice.

"It has reduced our cost to process an invoice from $30 to $40 for each transaction to around the $2 to $3 mark, and the productivity of a single staff person has gone from 20 to 30 invoices per day to 250 to 300 plus invoices a day," noted World Triathlon Corporation Project Manager Mark Fox.

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