Dexterity & Hosted TFS with Microsoft Dynamics

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Dexterity, the programming language in which Dynamics GP is written, has come a long way for developers. About a decade ago, Visual Source Safe (VSS) was used as a Source Code Control (SCC) repository to help developers manage their programming code. As VSS became obsolete and was replaced by Team Foundation Server (TFS), the folks who manage Dexterity updated SCC to handle TFS as well.

But while Microsoft is on the cloud bandwagon, insisting the world is a better place if we would all just embrace the cloud, Dexterity has not yet been updated to handle Hosted TFS. Yes, Hosted TFS, part of Microsoft's Visual Studio, is a (wonderful) cloud-based solution for source code control. But due to a limitation of passing credentials, Dexterity doesn't yet support Hosted TFS.

What's a shame is that Rockton Software seems to be the only developer asking for it. Fortunately, because we have a Premier Support contract with Microsoft, they're listening. And hopefully, in the next few months, we might see some progress on this.

If you don't use Hosted TFS yet, I encourage you to check it out. It's awesome. And with the Microsoft Partner Program, it's also free.


Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

6 thoughts on “Dexterity & Hosted TFS with Microsoft Dynamics”

  1. Marco,

    We did finally get it working and have been using it for some time with no real issues. The main thing you need to do is to be sure that you are using Dexterity build 12.00.0319 or later. Changes with this build allow Dexterity to point directly to TFS without the need to install DSCCS. We are currently using TFS 2012 as our Source Control Provider.

    Other than that, I just followed the instructions in UsingTFS2010WithDexterity.pdf and things pretty much fell into place. What specific issues are you having?


  2. Hosted TFS support was released sometime this summer, it should be documented inside the Dexterity manuals now (although I haven’t checked). It is released and supported. I know I ran into someone at last week’s reImagine event and they are using it well. While we’ve been clamoring for it, we have yet to deploy it ourselves. But I understand it’s out there and working fine, and you can contact Fargo for support on it.


  3. Mark,

    Any update on this? We currently use TFS in-house although we are still on TFS 2010 and are hoping to upgrade to TFS 2103 (which brings another question as to whether that is yet supported or at a minimum for GP2015?)

    But I have noticed that the DSCCS is very slow when you aren't in the building but VPN'ed into the network. Now that I am in Australia and our team starts to get spread out, I would be interested to know if TFS Hosted is supported yet as that gives us another (better) option.

    Best regards,

  4. I spoke with Kevin Racer at Convergence and he hinted at the possibility we'll see this as a rollup or service pack update in the May/June timeframe. In the meantime, e-mail Kevin at Microsoft and let him know how important this is to you! Kevin did say it won't be part of R2, but if they did get it done before the Nov/Dec release of GP 2015, it would be part of a service pack or rollup.


  5. Mark,

    Have you heard any more about progress toward Dexterity working with hosted TFS? It would be a big help to us. Is there anything we can do to urge Microsoft to give it a higher priority?

    Pam Robertson

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