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Collaboration Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Microsoft Dynamics SL enables secure and role-based access to information and processes for not only your employees, but for customers, vendors, and partners as well. The Employee Self Service (ESS) Suite enables your employees to view and update their personal data. Business Portal delivers Microsoft Dynamics SL applications, information, and processes to any stakeholders you choose. SharePoint enables your people to set up websites to share information.

The Employee Self Service Suite is designed to streamline open enrollment processes. Deploy online benefits enrollment for your employees with a module that integrates seamlessly with Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Automated transfer of data to Human Resources eliminates paper-based systems and reduces data re-entry, saving your staff time.

With ESS, your employees can view and edit their own personal data, create and manage their absences, and enter personal requisitions, rather than go through another person to do all that. The ESS license enables staff to spend more time on business and less on administrative tasks.

Business Portal enables you to provide role-based access to Microsoft Dynamics SL information and processes from a single web-based portal. Deliver access to employees, customers, vendors, partners, or any stakeholders you desire. "Light users" can access specified Microsoft Dynamics ERP data through tools like Microsoft Excel and SQL Reporting Services. They can also be granted access to generate and view reports already designed in Report Designer.

Microsoft SharePoint facilitates collaboration by enabling users to set up websites to share information, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports.

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