Case Study: Provider of in-home care handles payroll and tracks expenses with Dynamics SL

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CareGivers America provides a full spectrum of medical and nonmedical services to allow seniors and the disabled to remain in their own homes. The Pennsylvania-based company also supplies nurses and aides to hospitals and skilled-nursing facilities and recently started up a temporary staffing agency unrelated to the healthcare field.


Seven years ago, CareGivers consisted of one company providing nonmedical, in-home care and medical staffing out of seven PA locations. Since then, they have opened five additional PA locations and three NY locations, and established six new companies. Since CareGivers is mainly a service business, accurately tracking the time their caregivers spend with clients is the most critical factor in assuring their financial success.


The accounting software CareGivers originally used was QuickBooks, which performed adequately when the company was smaller. As new offices opened and additional companies were created, CareGivers outgrew their accounting solution in terms of the number of employees that its payroll system could handle, the adequacy of its project reporting, and its ability to process the large number of intercompany transactions.


In 2009, CareGivers made the decision to identify and implement a new accounting solution. A robust payroll module was the most important requirement, but the ability to easily and efficiently perform intercompany transactions such as GL salary allocations and charging employees' time to different companies was also critical. CareGivers also desired improved project reporting, as well as the ability to track accounts receivable by individual clients, not just by the payer.


CareGivers chose Microsoft Dynamics SL as their core accounting solution, supplemented by an assortment of third-party and custom applications to meet specific needs. Dynamics SL easily supports their payroll, GL allocation, and intercompany transaction requirements while offering the flexibility and capability to accommodate future growth, expanded use, and eventual integration with additional applications. It also provides the enhanced project reporting they need. And a customization within the Dynamics SL accounts receivable module allows them to track invoices by individual clients. Read the Full Case Study


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By Intellitec Solutions, a Delaware Dynamics GP & SL Partner serving Pennsylvania


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