Calculate Complex Commissions in Dynamics GP? Yes, With Ethotech Commissions!

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I often joke with some of our customers and prospects  that their commission structures change as often as the weather does!  Since we are in Texas, this can happen daily.  Yesterday it was 75 degrees and today it is 32!  If you are a manufacturer or distributor then you are probably changing something on your commission plans.  When I visit new prospects I always ask about commissions and I am amazed at how many hours are spent by staff calculating commissions.  Why not just make your sales manager make it simple?  Or get management to at least let the controller or CFO know weeks in advance of upcoming changes?  I get laughs or blank stares in response to questions like those.  Often the accounting department is the last to know and has to scramble to figure out how to pay salespeople correctly.  We all know that you don’t mess around with a salesperson's commission!

No Custom Programming for Commission Calculations

Since I started working at Custom Information Services (CIS) in 1997 we have been a Sage PFW and a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.  Guess which product I love the most?  Of course it is Dynamics GP!  One of the main reasons I love Dynamics GP is because we do not have to write commission programs or any other major customizations either.  As a Sage PFW partner our number one custom program we wrote was for commissions.   Granted we were a Master Developer, but regardless, commissions are complicated and as I stated before, the ‘plan’ changes at the whim of a sales manager.  You see, there is no need to write a program for commission tracking if you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP.  EthoTech has taken all the work and worry out of commission calculations with two offerings:  Keystone and Apex.  No program is going to do exactly what you need, but at least you are looking at tweaks to a program instead of starting from scratch - and even if you do need a tweak it will probably be in the form of a report. I am not a big fan of the names but who cares – the software works!  At a high level here is a short description of both programs; however you need to talk to your GP partner and/or EthoTech to determine the best program for your company.   You can also upgrade from Keystone to Apex easily if your needs change.

  • Keystone: A solid foundation for processing commissions in a seamless module fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)

  • Apex: Designed to tackle the most complex commission structures your company may demand with more sophisticated calculation and management tools built right in.

Here are some of the great features you can have with EthoTech Commissions:

One other bit of selling here… the great folks at EthoTech have completed a survey of Sales Managers and Controllers and come up with the following ROI calculation – That is Return on Investment- and probably hair too!

If you are not a Dynamics GP customer already then you should reach out to EthoTech or a local Partner now!  EthoTech Commissions is just one of many great products for Dynamics GP.  You can see more great add-ons here: Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner Products (Partial Listing) Custom Information Services or CIS is a Microsoft Dynamics reseller in North Texas.   If you would like more information on our product and service offerings for manufacturers, please contact me through email at [email protected] or by phone at 817-640-0016 x 109.

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