What's the Sizzle That Differentiates Dynamics AX from Competitors?

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Aside from great industry functionality that sets the product apart from the competition, there are several features in Dynamics AX 2012 which show particularly well and add some “sizzle” to the demonstration. Below are some of the highlights to demo when showcasing AX2012.

Task Recorder – One of the coolest features in Dynamics AX 2012 is the ability to build business process documents from within the AX 2012 application.  This is performed using the Task Recorder function.  Task Recorder allows you to record any set of transactions you want, then it automatically builds a Microsoft Word Document listing the menu paths, instructions and screenshots on how to perform that transaction. View a demonstration of how to use Task Recorder in Dynamics AX . Before Task Recorder, the ability to build such documents required us to take screenshots then manually write the menu paths and descriptions of that process.  As you can imagine, it was a very time consuming process. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we always get that big, “Wow” from the audience while showing Task Recorder.

Personalized Grids – Throughout Dynamics AX 2012, users have the ability to easily filter on data which is most important to them without having to get IT involved in configuring or customizing the system.  This filtering option is available throughout the system in either master records (customers, items, vendors, etc.) or transactional data (orders, purchase orders, production orders, etc.). See Dynamics AX Tip: How to Filter Data on a Report. Additionally, the architecture of AX also allows users to easily move columns, add fields, and remove fields all within the interface, saving these “new views” to view later.  These views can also be saved company-wide or for groups of users. See How to personalize a grid in Dynamics AX.

Action Panes – For ERP systems to be efficient, they must allow you to quickly perform daily transactions. Dynamics AX 2012 has done a great job of accomplishing this requirement through the use of Action Panes.  Action Panes allow the user to quickly filter the desired data in grids through the ability to Personalize Grids, and then allows you to take action on that data by performing numerous transactions in the Action Pane above. To see Action Panes view How To Navigate Dynamics AX 2012 Workspace.

Business Alerts – To date, many of the ERP systems on the market require tremendous IT involvement to enhance the product through custom reports/views, workflows or business alerts.  That is not the case with Dynamics AX 2012, as it gives users the ability to quickly create business alerts on the fly, notifying users when a particular action takes place in the system.  For example, a user could quickly configure an alert that emails or systematically alerts them when a new purchase order has been received, or even when product for a purchase order has been received by a vendor.  Most importantly, this type of alert is created through the core application for any user, technical or non-technical.

Role Centers – With over 30 Role Centers designed in Dynamics AX 2012, users can get access to information that is most pertinent to their role within the organization (such as key performance indicators) in the form of dashboards, reports, transactions and setups without having to add all these items to their personal workspace.  These roles provide unique landing pages for individual roles and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) relevant to the CFO, Production Manager, etc.

Workflow Engine – Paper and printers have been the norm when trying to improve efficiency in daily transactions, procedures and approvals in the work environment for years. Then, products were developed to help improve certain processes like requisition management, AP approvals or even sales order approvals. These systems were often rigid and required custom (or inflexible) integration to your ERP system.  In Dynamics AX 2012, Microsoft has created a very sophisticated workflow engine built right into the ERP system that allows you to design countless business workflows.  Whether requisitions, AP approvals, sales approvals, expense approvals or any other internal process, these powerful workflows can automate all types of business transactions through a very easy and eye-pleasing graphical interface.

When we present to prospective customers we show many, if not all, of the above features of AX2012.  This list of capabilities really set the system apart from the competition and are some of the reasons why industry experts put Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 on the top of the list for companies exploring ERP systems in the mid- and enterprise markets.

By Tridea Partners, Southern California Dynamics AX Partner

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