VIDEO: How a Government Contractor Ensured Their Accounting System Met Government Criteria

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Every year, the national Microsoft Dynamics SL User Group has a conference. While attending this year, I sat down with NuScale Power's Controller Julie Adelman and their Assistant Controller Misha Goloborodko to ask questions about how Dynamics SL equipped them to take their project management and financial management to the next level and also handle government contracts.

“Before Dynamics SL, we couldn’t capture costs by projects, let alone tasks,” Julie said. “We had a manual, error-prone process that was very time intensive. Now all the information is in one place and the process is automatic, which has saved so much time and ensured accuracy.” When asked about how SL has helped them as a government contractor, she continued, “With Dynamics SL, we know we’ll be capable of producing the proper accounting and reporting required by the Department of Energy.”

The automation of financials makes NuScale's accounting department a better team. While SL’s project accounting takes the complexity out of managing projects, it also has helped them pursue federal contracts with confidence their system will pass audits. Listen to Julie and Misha explain how and read the press release with details about their ERP software selection process.

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