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Once upon a time when the world was much simpler, a person who wanted to buy an item might have seen an ad in the newspaper or on television and went to the store to find it. They might have even just stumbled upon it in the store. In those days, retailers had ample opportunities to influence customer decisions long before they reached the checkout counter. Today, consumers decide when and how you can reach them.

The empowered consumers are those who have access to the Internet and every website from every retailer at their fingertips. They share product information with one another through social media, and they have often made up their minds about what they want to purchase long before they even reach the store. And in many cases, consumers may not even visit the store when they can easily order online and have products delivered.

Advertising alone is no longer enough to reach empowered customers. To gain an edge over competition, retailers need to offer compelling reasons to choose their stores rather than others. This means they must provide a consumer experience that is engaging and provides an empowered, mobile customer with multiple methods of shopping and an omni-channel strategy for engaging them.

These dynamic retailers aim to serve customers however they choose to shop and connect with them however they choose to communicate, whether in person, on the phone, on a website or through social media. A dynamic retailer is flexible in meeting customer needs and proactive in finding out what those needs are in order to address them.

If you are interested in learning more about dealing with connected consumers, be sure to visit Dynamics Cafe on Thursday November 14 at 2PM EST for a live ERP webinar about how the nation's leading mattress retailer, Mattress Firm improved its company by selecting the right ERP solution for the job.

 From Dynamics Café: “Join us to hear how Mattress Firm, a leading U.S. mattress retailer,  lowered inventory and improved customer service by choosing the right ERP solution and the right vendor…and how they kept the business running while managing an implementation across more than 1000 stores. In this ERP Conversation Live! Microsoft’s Noman Akhtar, US Director of ERP, and Chuck Carroll, US Director of ERP Services, will lead a discussion with Mattress Firm’s Tony Miller, VP of Enterprise Systems, and Wes Beighley, VP Information Technology."

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