Make Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Even More Powerful with AdvTrex TitaniumGP Tools

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AdvTrex’s TitaniumGP Tool series brings additional functionality that enhances Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The series includes 5 very useful tools in one easy to use product: Copy/Paste, Elastic Windows, Search, Next ID, and Save to Excel. The TM Group is pleased to announce our partnership with AdvTrex software as one of our trusted ISV’s (independent software vendor) and we are very impressed with the tools offered.


1)      COPY/PASTE Feature - Directly into GP Windows:  TitaniumGP brings the ease of “copy/paste” into Dynamics GP transactions. This feature allows you to import detail lines prepared in your spreadsheet program and paste them into the appropriate GP window. For some GP Windows, even fields that are not in the first detail window can be imported, like Serial or Lot Numbers, Expiration Date, Distribution Account, etc.

2)      ELASTIC WINDOWS: Allows you to add new fields of any SQL Type to the GP window. You can also add view information that automatically changes based on the position of the cursor in the window simply by adding tables or views that follow a naming convention.  The opportunity to grow the functionality of a GP window is endless!

3)      SEARCH: Access Windows with a code. This is a new and simple way to launch windows inside Dynamics GP. To launch Customer Maintenance, (Cards | Sales | Customer), simply enter CSC in the Menu Code/Search box and the window is opened.

4)      NEXT ID: A simple but comprehensive way to determine what should be the next ID for Customers, Prospects, Vendors and Inventory Items. With a series of parameters, TitaniumGP assists you in finding what should be your next ID, even if it includes only a few characters from the name.

5)      SAVE to EXCEL: Quickly and easily transfer all the data you need; simply open a document in GP and use the menu command to “Save to Excel”. The tool then prompts you to choose the path and file name for your document. You can export journal entries such as sales transactions, purchase order entry, inventory transactions and transfers, and receiving transaction entries.


Please join The TM Group on November 20th from 11 am to noon EST as we present a comprehensive overview and demonstration of AdvTrex’s TitaniumGP for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Register today at and we look forward to your participation! Any questions, please phone 888.482.2864 or visit our website at


Submitted by:  Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager – TM Group, Inc. in collaboration with Luanne McPherson, Director of Sales - AdvTrex

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