Glimpse Into Your Future with Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Ironically, a famous psychic was recently diagnosed with an “unforeseen illness”. Evidently predicting the future is difficult for even the best in the business. In the business world, we wish that we knew the next big thing, how successful our new product will be, or our profits in Q4. While nothing in life is certain, there are tools available to help us predict our financial future.

Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you predict your financial future and give your company the leading edge you need to succeed. By replacing spreadsheet-based budgeting and planning, you can better manage your information in a database-centric approach that is best for auditing, workflows, and increased security.

Forecaster has the user advantage of appearing similar to Excel but offers the added capability of being able to access a high overview of your budget or drill down to details on specific line items.

There are many wizards allowing users to easily get through the setup process. Once the main setup process is completed each item created previously can be used again year after year. Once your information is set up through data entry or transfer from Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll be able to run reports that allow you a glimpse into your financial future.

To learn more about Forecaster, contact Stoneridge Software for a demo.

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