Effectively Utilize your Microsoft Dynamics GP Licenses

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Are you utilizing your Microsoft Dynamics GP licenses effectively?

If you are not sure, then I would like to introduce you to our product called Dynamics GP Toolbox. This product provides several, valuable tools that make working in Microsoft Dynamics GP simpler and easier. One of those tools is Login Logging; this tool allows you to track actual logins against the Dynamics GP Registered User count.

The Login Logging tool will log when a user is denied entry because the Dynamics GP User limit has been reached. It also provides the ability to enter a threshold number lower than the Dynamics Registered User Count in order to log when the User Count is reached. Additionally, you can send a message to an optional email address when logging occurs.

The tool also provides a Login Log Inquiry window where you can view this activity. When you select a login, you can see which users were already logged in at the time that login occurred. It is a great way to manage your GP logins and licensing needs.

This can all be useful in determining whether you need to increase or decrease the number of Microsoft Dynamics GP licenses you own. Why pay more for licenses not being used or lose productivity because Users cannot do their work?


Check out the Dynamics GP Toolbox demo at



Written By Pam Rasmussen, Support at Rockton Software www.rocktonsoftware.com.

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