Dynamics GP 2013 New Features in Foundation and Installation - My Top 10

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1. Select a printer once the report has printed to the screen

This feature alone is enough reason for me to upgrade to GP 2013. Countless pieces of paper, especially checks, are saved. Even the horizontal and vertical alignment options are available In the printer dialog box for forms such as checks or purchase orders.

If you set up Named Printers, you can disable the print dialog box; that disables this new feature. The print dialog box and feature can be re-activated by editing your DEX.INI file with Notepad. Look for the phrase “NoPrintDialogs=TRUE” and change it to “NoPrintDialogs=FALSE”. This file and everything within it are very sensitive to typos and capitalization. Make a copy of the file before you change it, and change it using extreme care.

2. Customizable landing pages

My settings are this:

So my Financial landing page looks like this:2

When I want to work with financial routines, I simply grab that palette and move it left to expand it. The replaced palette goes back to the right. This works really well for me because I’m a Poweruser so the palettes can be fairly lengthy.3

If I want less access on a day-to-day basis I can customize the page and not show Setup and Utilities: 4

3. Metrics area replaced by the Business Analyzer area

These are just simply, “Cool!” The scroll buttons at the bottom allow me to have an executive dashboard with no effort and no custom programming.5

4. Outlook area has been removed from the Home Page

Let’s face, accountants hate interruptions and this one was just outright annoying.

5. Email functionality expanded

I’m cheating a little here because there are several new features.

When using Sales Order Processing, you can send sales back order and packing slip documents in an email message.

You can send customer statements in an email message.

While other than Exchange can be MAPI compliant, now your installer can choose between MAPI or Exchange. With Web Clients, only Exchange can be selected.

6. Lookup Sort Order can be saved

On a per user, per company basis, the sort order can be saved for the following lookup windows:

  • Items lookup window
  • Employees lookup window
  • Customers and Prospects lookup window
  • Salespeople lookup window
  • Vendors lookup window

7. Naming system databases

The system database in SQL defaults to DYNAMICS, but that can be changed to facilitate hosted companies in a public environment.

8. Naming the Sample Company database

The sample company defaults to a SQL database, TWO, representing the older name of The World Online. Now it can be renamed to be more meaningful to users.

9. Print reports from maintenance windows

Use the Report Assignments window to assign the SQL Server Reporting Services reports printed from a specific window. If Reporting Services reports have been deployed, Reporting Services reports may be printed from the following windows.

  • Account maintenance
  • Customer maintenance
  • Sales Prospect maintenance
  • Employee maintenance
  • Item maintenance
  • Checkbook maintenance
  • Salesperson maintenance
  • Vendor maintenance
  • Applicant maintenance

After assigning reports, use the Printer icon drop-down list to select a report to print from a list of reports. If the Printer icon is simply clicked in the window, the default report assigned to the window is printed. The default report is the first report listed in the Selected Reports column in the Report Assignment window.

10. Additional word templates are supplied

The following new predefined Word templates are installed with Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • SOP Blank History Options Back Order Template*
  • SOP Blank History Back Order Template*
  • SOP Blank Options Back Order Template*
  • SOP Blank Back Order Template*
  • SOP Blank Picking Ticket Bin Sequenced Template*
  • SOP Blank Picking Ticket Order Entered Template*
  • SOP Blank Options Picking Ticket Form Template*

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