Does My Business Need Separate ERP and Payroll Systems?

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Payroll processing is complex and ever-changing.  There are a lot of factors that can affect it and your entire organization is counting on it to work perfectly every time.  So is it really a good idea to rely on the payroll processing functionality within your ERP system?

It is if you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Ohio CAT, an Ohio based Caterpillar equipment sales, repair, and rental dealer, has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll for over 18 years – proving that it can adapt to ever changing data and variables while still growing with a company.

Due to the complexity of their business and the growth of the company through acquisitions, Ohio CAT has several different payroll cycles that it has to manage for its over 1,000 employees.  Additionally, they also have to take into account union workers, non-union workers, and salaried employees with 401k and pension plans.

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP’s customizable reports, the payroll department is able to provide the Ohio CAT management team with the exact information they need to see in the format that they need to see it.

You don’t have to just take our word for it though – hear what one of their Payroll Administrators has to say about Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll on this quick video.

To see if Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll would be a good fit for your organization, request a personalized demo today!

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