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ClickDimensions for CRM Makes Email Marketing Easy & Fun

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We recently became a partner with ClickDimensions and are now able to provide this great software-as-a-service marketing automation solution to our clients. We are very excited about this product and highly recommend it to any organization in need of a great marketing automation system. ClickDimensions adds email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, social discovery, campaign tracking, and form and survey capture functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

From the minute we viewed the demo, we knew this solution would make our marketers' lives much easier and even bring some fun back into marketing. ClickDimensions gives you the ability to create vibrant emails, newsletters surveys, etc. that you can share with your customers with just a few clicks, or via drag and drops.  You also get great tracking and analytics that anyone can understand, which is something we at Crestwood really love!

Dynamics CRM works great with ClickDimensions. It is fully integrated into CRM, so you don’t have to worry about missing any of your valuable customers when sending out important information electronically. As mentioned, ClickDimensions provides an array of tools; everything from email marketing and web tracking, to surveys and GoToMeeting integration.

email editors

Email Marketing

One of our favorite features is the email marketing tool. You can create HTML email templates, send emails to marketing lists, trigger emails from workflow or send single emails to leads and contacts. Creating pretty emails to capture your audience’s attention and get them to perform your call to action is always hard for marketers. ClickDimensions makes it nice and easy with their versatile email editors. There are 4 editors which allow marketers with different levels of design skill to work at their own pace to create stunning communication. See the details of each below:

Drag and Drop

With the drag and drop editor, it’s just that, drag and drop. It’s that simple! You can select a layout design you think will fit perfectly for the email you are designing. Then, with this simple editor, you can drag over text or image boxes, wherever you want them. It doesn’t get any better than that. Say goodbye to messy HTML code!


Block Editor

The block editor is just as easy to navigate with the simple selection of boxes that can contain either text or images. It’s very similar to the drag and drop editor except that you are in control of creating your layout design as you go along. You create your template by selecting exactly where you want your block to be placed in your layout. It gives the marketer a little more room to be original and creative!


Freestyle Editor

The freestyle editor requires that you be at an intermediate level of email design experience. With the freestyle editor you have the flexibility to create your own personal design by selecting blocks, much like in the block editor, but you also have the optional ability to edit the HTML code or add your own.


HTML Editor

And last but not least, for all the advanced coders out there, this is the editor for you. This more advanced editor gives you complete control of the HTML code. You can bring in some nifty code to make your emails and newsletters stand out from the rest!


As you can see ClickDimensions does a great job of keeping marketers in mind and what they need to create great email campaigns to help boost sales and bring in great clientele. The ease and functionality is a breath of fresh air and we just can’t wait to dive into it further.

To learn more about ClickDimensions check out this quick video and download a FREE Datasheet from ClickDimensions. Contact us for a FREE demo today at

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