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A New ERP Standard of Excellence: Alerts, Advisories, Warnings, and Watchdogs!

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In order to still turn a profit today’s average manufacturer is running lean. Generally, companies have trimmed all wastefulness out of their production process and reduced the number of employees on staff. That’s when having an ERP system that acts as a watchful guardian to protect against unacceptable standards, shortages, and penalties comes in handy; they safeguard your processes and help you better maintain your lean environment.

For years ERP systems have produced reports that help users analyze their enterprise processes, but being lean provides no time to leaf through even the best reports. Alerts allow users to set up events that run in the background (meaning no interruption to your ERP system) that will monitor activity occurring in the system and alert users via email or text of issues that require special attention. That means you can now receive updates on your mobile phone or tablet of mission critical issues in your business which is great for today’s on-the-go staff and managers.

Alerts are data and process driven. Depending on the way the alert is set up, it will provide real-time feedback or feedback based on a user-specified frequency. In addition, the same condition can trigger multiple emails or text messages with various levels of details to users. This means a Plant Manager can be advised of something at a high level so it is on his radar, but the Production Manager can get the details required to address the issue.

Blindside Prevention
In many cases, alerts that address suspect data provide the user the opportunity to pre-set a value or percentage for variance comparison and provide notification when the data is outside the acceptable range. These alerts are varied and can assist resources in many departments. For instance, if purchased items are placed on hold, managers can be advised when items have been on hold for longer than a set number of days; or if an EDI event was launched but no EDI data was received. In both cases, the email notifications or text messages regarding these unacceptable standards allow you to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Shortages in material can cause a manufacturer to come to a screeching halt. That’s why shortage alerts are so critical; they help prevent miscues in scheduling and delivery. A net availability shortage alert advises users if the total common material required for all parts for the next specified number of days will drop below zero.

Advisory type alerts allow users to be advised when changes occur in the system. For instance, if new inventory items are added to the system; this can be used to advise someone from engineering to enter the Part Routing / Bill of Materials. Another example is the alert that, based upon a purchasing receipt, can email or text a material requisitioner when the item they ordered is received into the system. Advisory type alerts provide real-time notifications to users and help reduce communication time.

Penalty type alerts provide advance warning when system data could trigger a consequence that could be harmful to your quality rating and ultimately affect your future business as a supplier. Part of the Global Materials Management Operations Guideline / Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) audit requirement expects the ASN to be sent to the receiving customer within minutes of the delivering truck leaving the supplier's dock. The ASN penalty alert dispatches messages and automatically escalates the messages to your key resources if for some reason the ASN is not automatically sent as planned within the allocated time space.

If you are a repetitive manufacturer or are working with a repetitive manufacturer who needs an automotive-centric ERP software solution with Alerts that protects against unacceptable standards, shortage and penalties, then contact us. AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. is a Michigan-based Microsoft Certified ISV and ERP Partner with automotive-centered ERP and SCM solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

by AIM Computer Solutions

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