5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics Can Boost Your Company’s Financial Health

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With cold and flu season upon us, people are often looking to vaccines and boosters to help them stay healthy and productive.

But for businesses, it’s not always as easy to know what will give a company the proverbial “shot in the arm” to immunize it from toll that outdated or overburdened systems can take.  What can give your company’s financial health a boost?

Well, there are 5 key ways that Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can do just that.  To give you a snapshot of them, they've recently released an infographic showing how Dynamics ERP solutions can boost the financial health of a company.

  1.  Make Managing Your Finances a Breeze - Armed with the visibility, accuracy and insight that Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s flexible financial management tools provide, your people can focus on today, tomorrow and your company’s future, not simply on getting through the end of the month.  This is accomplished by giving everyone in your organization access to the data most relevant to their roles via role-tailored home pages, easy-to-use dashboards and Microsoft Office tools they already know.
  2. Put Your Data to Work – If you are like most businesses today, the volume of your business data is growing VERY rapidly!  That data doesn’t need to bog you down though.  A business solution from Microsoft has simple, powerful financial management and reporting tools to help you look forward, using your data to determine the impact changes will have on your business. And with projections you can trust, decisions become a lot easier and you become a lot more confident.
  3. Get the Most Out of Every Dollar – With the recently unstable economy, it is no wonder why any business would be focusing on their cash flow.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the tools to track and manage your cash, including a cash-flow calendar lets you look back or look ahead to see how your funds flow in and out of your business. Bank reconciliation tools give you a clear look at your actual cash on hand as well as all your deposits and debits across all your bank accounts.  You can also track collections to keep tabs on accounts receivables and make sure you’re getting paid as quickly as possible.
  4. Use the Power of the Cloud On Your TermsThe cloud offers you accessibility and savings in deploying a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution that may be beneficial to your organization.  The cloud also provides your company with more choices of how your business solutions are rolled out.  We can host your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution so that you don’t have to worry about hardware and servers, we can deploy your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution in our private cloud so that you can avoid worrying about upfront hardware and software fees by just paying a predictable monthly fee, or you can leverage a hybrid option - only having parts of your solution in the cloud while the rest is managed on-premises at your facility.  It’s whatever works best for your business.
  5. Adapt to Regulatory Requirements - Whether it’s health care mandates or industry-specific financial reporting requirements, every business has to balance rock-solid systems that deliver compliance today with the flexibility to adapt as their regulatory responsibilities change.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers a set of financial management tools with securities and controls that are built on tried and true accounting and reporting best practices, in order to deliver accountability and oversight to reduce fraud and protect your company from internal risk.  Also, Microsoft Dynamics ERP are built to be flexible, so you can change your workflows and processes to keep your business compliant without breaking the bank.

Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to boost organizational financial health has been proven countless times to deliver results and improve the way companies perform.  For some real-world examples, read these 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics® ERP.

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner (www.socius1.com)


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