To Customize or Not To Customize ERP Solutions

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There are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions available and the odds are pretty good that you’ll find a solution that matches your business needs.  However, sometimes businesses have a unique process or a special metric that needs to be monitored.  Even then, you may or may not require additional customization.

With so many ERP solutions in the marketplace today, most businesses are likely to find a solution that matches their business needs right out-of-the-box.  Common ERP solutions will include financial control and insight, the staple for every business, and can also include supply chain and inventory management, manufacturing features, project or services management, human resources and payroll, and other core business functionality.  These features should be enough to add automation and streamline many common, and often manual, business operations, as well as provide new levels of control and insight. 

There are also ERP solutions that take a basic solution one step further, offering features that coordinate with industry niches, such as distribution, healthcare, not-for-profits, aviation, and others.  As such, businesses are able to choose an ERP solution that addresses their specific business functions and provides additional control and insight for those unique areas.  These industry-tailored solutions should be enough for most businesses, both large and small, and in nearly any type of industry.

Sometimes, however, a business may have a unique business feature or a metric that may not be easily captured in an off-the-shelf ERP solution.  In this case, a customization may be necessary.  Certain solutions can be tailored or integrated with an add-on solution that offers the unique feature or function that is required in these circumstances.  Depending on the nature of this special business need, you are likely to find an add-on module that is affordable and easily integrated.  For example, Sherwood Systems offers AeroLink, an interface created to connect Corridor®, an aviation service software,   with Microsoft Dynamics® GP, a popular and versatile ERP solution. 

You will certainly find many options when looking for an ERP solution.  You can also find success with an off-the-shelf solution, one that offers industry-specific features, or solution that can be customized with add-on solutions that meet unique business needs.  Contact Sherwood Systems for guidance when choosing a solution that best matches your business needs, whether you need customization or not.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

2 thoughts on “To Customize or Not To Customize ERP Solutions”

  1. Well said, Ed. Your point about the nature of off the shelf ERP systems reflects the challenges we face during some of our implementations. It is not always apparent what customizations may be necessary either when first delving into the software selection process. I was curious as to what sizes of companies you recommend in terms of customization offerings. In your experience, do you think there is a limit on how large or small a company should be before considering customized options? Thanks!

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