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Smartlist is a powerful query tool in Dynamics GP.  You can easily search, filter, and export data from GP.  Below are a few of the tips we will be sharing next week:

Rename a column header

In GP, many times the field display names are different than our business language.  When using Smartlist these fields are listed in a column.  If you would like to change the display name of the column:

  • Click on the Column button in the Smartlist Tool Bar to open the ‘Change Column Display’ window

SmartList Image


  • Select the row where the display name is to be changed

SmartList Image 2



  • Click on the display name in the left hand column and type in the desired display name.

SmartList Image 3


Once this is complete click ‘OK’ and your Smartlist will now display the newly created name.


Add Smartlists to ‘My Reports’

There are a few ways to add a Smartlist to the ‘My Reports’ area in GP.

  • Make Smartlist visible to your ‘User ID’ – this will automatically add this Smartlist to ‘My Reports’ for you.

SmartList Image 4

  • Go to Series Area Page Smartlist, select desired Smartlist by marking the checkbox at left, then click ‘Add to’ in My Reports in header

SmartList Image 5

  • Go to Admin Area Page Smartlist – this lists all Smartlists for all Series in GP, select desired Smartlist and click ‘Add To’ in My Reports in header


Change default ‘Maximum Records’ in the Search

Out of the box, all GP Smartlists have a default of 1,000 records that will be returned for any queries.  If you find there are particular Smartlist Favorites that you want to increase this default you can do this by going to Smartlist Options.

SmartList Image 6


Go to: Microsoft Dynamics GP>Tools>Setup>System>Smartlist Options

SmartList Image 7


  • Select Category
  • Update Maximum Records number (seen above set to 1,000)


For more tips & tricks, please watch our on-demand webinar: SmartList Tips & Tricks.

~Alicia Berglund, Solutions Specialist


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