Size Doesn’t Matter: 4 Big Reasons Why Small Companies Should Adopt an ERP Solution

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There is a common misconception that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are only within reach for big businesses.  Ten years ago I would have agreed with that, but advancements over the years have greatly increased the availability of technology for any size business.  In fact, there are numerous reasons why small businesses can, and should, adopt an ERP solution to help them run smoothly and efficiently.

Often, small businesses feel overwhelmed by the thought of adopting an ERP solution.  Whether the concern be costs, time, or IT resources, the perception is that the project is simply more than the company can afford.  As a result, many small businesses continue to manually run operations in programs like Microsoft Excel, greatly increasing the potential for human error as they lack safeguards and compliance rules that can protect companies from incredibly costly mistakes.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have eliminated most of the issues that deter small businesses from looking into ERP solutions.  Here are four big reasons why small businesses can, and should, adopt an ERP solution today:

Software as a Service

Companies have much more flexibility in regards to the ways they can utilize and access their ERP system.  Software as a Service is a software delivery model that allows companies to purchase and use ERP software on a monthly subscription basis.  This model allows users to access their system via the internet, eliminating the need for On-Premise servers and in-house IT professionals.  Since the company hasn’t invested heavily in the project, they can easily jump ship at any time if they determine the costs aren’t worth it.


On-Premise ERP solutions can require costly investments to implement and maintain.  However, now that Software as a Service is an option, typical investment costs like IT personnel and infrastructure can be avoided.  Data is hosted in the cloud, hardware and IT maintenance responsibilities are put in the hands of the service provider, and costs are brought down.

Faster Implementations

Getting up and running quickly is critical for the well-being of small businesses implementing an ERP system. Furthermore, quick and painless user adoption is a must for businesses that want to keep training costs down.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed on a platform that is easy to implement, and bolsters a very intuitive interface that looks and acts like commonly-used Microsoft Office products. Users can quickly learn the functionality needed to utilize the software without having to go through months of training.

Ease-of-Customization and Extension

ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP are designed with modern, open technology, built with the concept of customization and add-on applications in mind.  Interfaces, roles, and processes can easily be tailored to a business, cutting down costs on customization time.  Starter and Extended packages allow companies to save money by purchasing a package that meets their bare minimum of requirements without the added costs of unnecessary functionality.

A wide range of functionality can be added to Microsoft Dynamics GP by integrating it with relevant third party applications.  This allows companies build a custom solution at an affordable price.


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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc.—Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP and CRM Partner.

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