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Numerous organizations are seeking a solution that allows their clients to manage their payments in a secure, online environment with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. They need the technology to be easily integrated and scalable so it will grow with their business needs. More businesses today rely on a third party ISV (integrated software vendor) such as Nodus Technologies, because Nodus is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce, and retail business process automation software for small and midsize companies. Now it’s conceivable that clients can manage everything in one place without encumbering the customer service or accounting teams! Nodus leverages service-oriented architecture and web services technologies to provide cost-effective, comprehensive e-commerce and electronic payments solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP platform.

Known for the superior integration and flexibility of its solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate Credit Card Processing, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale, CRM, Web-Based Sale Order Entry, and Online Billing, along with ACH processing with multiple banks, processors, and back-office environments. The Nodus product suite has a proven track record and leads the market in reliability and ease of use with Microsoft Dynamics software.

Please register with The TM Group to review this complimentary webinar featuring Nodus’ acclaimed ePay Advantage as a comprehensive solution for online bill payment for A/R automation. ePay Advantage (Nodus Online Bill Pay) offers the latest in online bill presentment and payment technology for enterprises. In this webinar you will witness how you can:

  • Send invoice notifications to your customers.
  • Let your customers view and pay their Dynamics GP invoices online.
  • Eliminate double entry, wasted man-hours, and endless journeys down a paper trail.

With ePay Advantage for your online bill pay needs, your customers gain the convenience of paying their invoices and viewing their payment history online. The end result is that you reduce operational costs, enhance your company’s competitive position, and have happier customers.

Register today to view The TM Group for this exciting webcast to learn about Nodus ePay Advantage + eSOP™ Advantage.  Learn how to improve your business processes and cash flow with ePay’s:

  • Online Bill Pay
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Recurring Payments
  • Installment Payment Contract
  •  eSOP -- Remote Order Processing

Now is the time to connect your business for success! Today you can expect the convenience of online bill pay. The good news is that we can give you what you want and also save your company time and money! Please contact The TM Group at 888.482.2864 for more information and details or visit our website at:


Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski - Marketing Manager, The TM Group, in collaboration with Fauwaz Hussain - Channel Sales Manager, Nodus Technologies.

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