Resolving Microsoft Dynamics GP "Locked Users Table is Missing. Contact the System Administrator." Error

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How do I resolve the "Locked Users table is missing. Contact the system administrator." error?

This issue can occur if you have both the desktop client and web client for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 installed on the same machine. When the 'Web Client Runtime' feature is installed, it adds the following lines to Dex.ini which prevents ISV products from writing to Dex.ini file:




In order for ISV products to write to the dex.ini, these lines would need to be FALSE. If you do not intend to use the web client, but it was inadvertently installed, you can go to Programs and Features and remove the Web Client Runtime and make sure these two lines in the dex.ini are FALSE.

If you do want to use the web client, you would want to make sure you have two separate installs for Dynamics GP 2013. One for the desktop client and one for the web client.

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Written by Rockton Software Support, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

3 thoughts on “Resolving Microsoft Dynamics GP "Locked Users Table is Missing. Contact the System Administrator." Error”

  1. Brian Kirkwood

    I have this issue (Locked Users Table is Missing. Contact the System Administrator) after copying production databases into our test system.

    We are on GP2010.

    No one can log onto Dynamics GP UAT, even "sa"

    The above help is not relevant to us.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I don't have any web client installed and have GP 2013 installed on my machine. I can see that the two lined in DEX ini exist and after setting them to FALSE, still I get the same error and GP closes.

    Would you please help me to fix the issue or remove the toolbox?



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