Leasing Company Achieves Streamlined Success and Robust Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A large and reputable leasing organization with over 200 employees in over 45 states had been experiencing explosive growth. This is a great problem to have; however, they were immersed in a quagmire of growing pains. The company was using QuickBooks for their accounting system and recognized that they needed to swiftly upgrade. They chose the robust platform that Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide. This company came to us as they were in a quandary -- unhappy with their prior Microsoft partner because of their knowledge level and inability to complete the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. They came to The TM Group as a referral from one of their finance employees who had been previously employed with another one of our clients. This firm has an extraordinarily high volume of leases, and with a new business model, they needed to know how to make it work. They became a client of The TM Group in late January, and we quickly went to work on the task of a full and complete integration.


The main concerns pertained mostly to integration issues, along with the team’s ability to embrace and adopt Dynamics GP, and they were experiencing some internal growing pains too. Integrating all the data into GP from their front-end management leasing system was a huge challenge. All their company data and information is entered into their lease management system, which is completely homegrown; their internal development staff established this front-end system. Defining and comprehending the overall business model was imperative for making this execution successful. Management decisions needed to be made internally, and they pushed forward to “go live” with this exciting new system.


The main challenge was the integration of information from the lease management front-end system into Microsoft Dynamics GP modules: Receivables Management, which assists with new contracts, bounced payment, adjustments, and reversal of fees; Payables Management, which guarantees the right vouchers get created, with right numbers and dollars; and General Ledger and Fixed Assets. This implementation and integration was vast and large scale. This organization processes up to 50,000 cash receipts received daily. Add to that the number of new leases, adjustments to leases, late fees, payments that bounce, cash receipts due to early buyouts, and charge-offs for bad debt. The report compilation is automated to begin nightly at midnight and be completed by 8 am. This is fully automated and is programmed so that Dynamics GP’s SmartList generates these valuable reports.


Monitoring and their reporting with Microsoft Dynamics GP is much more robust than their old system. There is a spreadsheet list that needs to be tracked every day from their internal front-end leasing program, ensuring this data is pushed/sent into MS Dynamics GP. There are over 40 different elements that need to be checked daily, such as assets, books for assets created, and leases returned and retired.


The TM Group’s ISVs (independent software vendors) partnered with us for effective results.
1) Scribe -- Using Scribe Software for the data migration. Very complex integrations were written  and are maintained by a third-party consultant from Capstone BI (Ann Arbor).

2) Post Master Enterprise Auto-poster from Envisage Software.

3) Nolan ABR is installed and configured. However, due to the nature of bank files and integrations, it still requires a lot of manual processing to use.

4) Avalara Sales Tax uses Avalara’s SDK product with their lease management software.

5) MICR check printing with Print Boss.


This leasing company now enjoys a fully integrated solution. Overall, the success and benefits of moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP modules, GP, and GL Fixed Assets serve to fill any accounting matters and gaps. The correct data is now in the system, so Microsoft Dynamics GP has record of their complete business processes.


Finding the right solutions for a company’s business challenges is what The TM Group does best! If you’re struggling with a predicament involving your ERP, GP, or CRM needs, please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at www.tmgroupinc.com for more information. We’ll be delighted to design and implement a technology plan to suit your needs and budget.


Submitted by:  Chris Mast and Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group

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