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I received a phone call from a prospect looking for a custom solution for Dynamics GP2013.  They had an issue with users deleting OLE attachments and required a way to prevent this from happening while still allowing users to easily view the attachments.  The prospect wasn’t aware of the new functionality within GP2013 that does just that.  It struck me that this new functionality really hasn’t gotten much buzz.

GP2013 now has a Document Attachment Setup window and a new Document Attachment Management window.  The Setup window includes options such as:

  • Allowing documents to be deleted (with or without a password)
  • Allowing attachments to flow from Master Records to Documents
  • Allowing attachments to be sent in emails
  • Setting the Maximum File Size


The Attachment Management window includes:

  • An audit trail feature including user, date and time for both attaching and deleting files.
  • Ability to attach or preview files for Customer, Vendor and Item records, as well as, Sales and Purchasing transactions.  And, probably the most impressive, you can attach documents to individual line items on transactions!!

Document Attachement Management

Emailing Attachments is simple too!  From the Sales Transaction Entry or Purchasing Transaction Entry window, enter a document number and click on the Actions button then Select Attachments to Send in Email.


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2 thoughts on “GP2013 – Document Attachment Management”

  1. Hi Tony! The new Document Management functionality does not extend to the Payables Transaction Entry window. However, the original Note/OLE functionality does exist on this window in GP2013.


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