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Flipbook Video: Will Jim and Bob Save Money with ERP Software In the Cloud?

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    MyAppsAnywhere recently released a short video highlighting the benefits of its service. It paints the picture of two business owners, both using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, but one decides to use MyAppsAnywhere cloud services, while the other does not. In this charming and somewhat comical animated flipbook, you can catch a glimpse of some of the advantages of running a cloud environment.

    The Scenario: Two Growing Distribution/Manufacturing Companies

    In the story, Jim is a gourmet peanut butter manufacturer and distributor, and Bob manufactures and distributes chocolate to the same grocery stores as Jim. Both use Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM products, and both saw 20 percent growth in profits the previous year and are planning to add second facilities to their growing businesses.

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    Jim moves to the Cloud

    In the beginning, they both ran everything on-premise and paid for maintenance, upgrades, licensing, and support. Eventually, Jim learned that he could save money by moving his installation to the cloud using MyAppsAnywhere (powered by NetStandard). In very little time, he is able to cloud link his two locations and be up and running.

    What about Bob?

    Bob, however, chooses to stay on-premise, buys more servers, licenses, maintenance, and support, and ultimately, he loses money in the process. He is unable to connect his remote sales team to his CRM and loses valuable sales to his competitors.

    The Benefits

    Jim’s team can access their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP wherever they go, boosting sales and helping them stay connected to customers. As a result, their sales and commissions increase. During the holidays, Jim is able to add 15 seasonal employees to MyAppsAnywhere and pay just for the time he needs, while Bob has to pay for 15 additional annual licenses.

    With MyAppsAnywhere cloud services, the Jims of the world can simplify their ERP and CRM both in terms of financial licensing and practical application. The Bobs of the world will continue to operate under the traditional IT model, which will cause them to fall behind their competitors.  MyAppsAnywhere wants you to be a Jim, not a Bob.

    Watch this fun 2 minute video now:

    Watch the video:

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