ERP4Health® Enterprise Chart of Accounts Advanced Rules: Faster AND More Accurate Financial Reporting

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One of the many strengths of ERP4Health® Enterprise, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX is its inherent flexible nature compared to other solutions.  A great example of this is the Advanced Rules functionality built into ERP4Health’s Chart of Accounts.

A Chart of Accounts can be unique to each company; it can be shared across multiple companies; or it may be unique for some companies and shared for others.  In a shared environment, a list of main accounts can be shared in total or partially across companies, meaning they all share a common set of accounts but may also have unique accounts.

The Chart of Accounts is derived first from a main account, and then optional dimensions, which provide additional reporting capabilities, may be added.  Some examples of dimensions are location, department, physician, payor, and level.  It is the combination of main accounts and dimensions that creates the Chart of Accounts.   Because dimensions are optional, it is possible to have only a main account associated with the balance sheet accounts while the main account and location, department, and physician are associated with income statement accounts.

During data entry, Advanced Rules helps users to either select from a short list of account dimensions or to pre-populate account dimensions.  For example, when a particular location is selected, it can automatically pre-populate an account segment with a specific physician if there is only one, or it will provide a list of available physicians at that location.  By setting these rules ahead of time, Advanced Rules speeds up data entry while simultaneously reducing the error rate for complex transactions, and it is just one example of how the flexibility of ERP4Health® Enterprise, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX improves the business success of the organizations that use it.

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This article was written by John Espinoza and was originally posted on the InterDyn – Remington Consulting Blog, a Microsoft Gold Partner

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