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Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the Medical Equipment Industry

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Businesses that manufacture and distribute healthcare equipment and medical devices that are looking for a way to start conducting business online need a solution that is user-friendly and able to successfully promote their products online. This industry can be tricky too, because not all products can be sold directly to consumers. Some products, for example, may only be sold to dental professionals or doctors. Regardless of the scenario, developing an ecommerce website that effectively displays a product portfolio while offering online shoppers all the necessary tools can be a challenge.

Businesses in the medical equipment industry that use Microsoft Dynamics for their ERP can implement Azox ecommerce solution to grow their business online. Azox has experience working with numerous businesses that sell healthcare equipment and medical devices. Each business was looking for different ways to sell their products online that required unique ordering environments. Azox was able to create custom environments to meet the various needs of each business.

Some examples of benefits these medical supplies businesses experienced include:

  • Customizable order environments
  • Customer-specific online catalogs
  • Effective merchandising tools
  • Integration with their back office Microsoft Dynamics ERP database
  • A system for order placing and tracking
  • Real-time product information

Ecommerce Solutions for the Medical Equipment Industry:

For businesses in the medical equipment industry that only sell to other businesses, Azox eSource B2B allows an environment requiring a log in to be created. Once a customer has logged in, this ecommerce environment can be setup to display user-specific catalogs. Since users have unique accounts, reordering from past orders is possible and online bill pay can also be added, which will allow customers to make payments on open invoices from a web store. Learn more about Azox eSource B2B by clicking here.

If the medical equipment business sells to consumers, Azox eSource B2C makes it possible to develop an ecommerce website that showcases a company’s products. These can be grouped into similar categories to make finding products easier. Consumers will also be able to use filters to refine search results, further adding to the navigation and browse features. Learn more about Azox eSource B2C by clicking here.

Azox also offers a Sales Portal environment that allows employees to view customer accounts and place orders on their behalf. For businesses that wish to have a smartphone and tablet friendly website, Azox can also create Mobile Stores.

These online environments all work from one database, meaning a business can have multiple web stores that will all update pricing or inventory information in real time.

Reference this case study to learn more about how Azox helped Oaktree Products, a business in the medical equipment industry.

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