Don't Let CPU Intensive Processes Slow You Down - Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Application Server is a module available a la carte for both the Basic Essentials and Advanced Management editions of Microsoft Dynamics SL ( If CPU-intensive tasks such as the printing of reports and execution of processes are slowing your employees down, Application Server enables you to off-load such tasks to other machines on your network. You can schedule when processes execute, and you can control where processes execute: centralized on the database server, on separate application servers distributed throughout your network, over a wide area network (WAN), or over the internet.

Submitting reports and processes to execute on other machines will enable users to go on to other tasks rather than wait around for long-running reports or processes to finish, and that boosts performance. You can also expand your system as your business grows by upgrading or adding machines that run Application Server.

Application Server is easy to implement in any computer environment that supports Microsoft Solomon. Just install Application Server on a client machine and define one or more users.

Sending requests to Application Server to run reports and processes is straightforward. You define the execution parameters in a few quick steps. Scheduling is flexible: you can schedule requests to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or you can base execution on the completion of a prerequisite request. Scheduling repetitive tasks will reduce your administrative overhead.

There are hundreds of reports and processes you can offload from user work machines to server machines, including all standard processes, most standard operational reports, custom reports created with Crystal Reports, and custom process applications created with Dynamics SL Tools for Visual Basic that are Application Server-compliant.

You can send requests to Application Server anywhere, anytime, because in addition to sending requests from within the application, you can also send requests via e-mail. You can also set up multiple application servers, each with its own configuration, on separate machines that are networked to the database server. Separate server machines can be set up to handle different types of processing requests, and Application Server supports an unlimited number of server machines.

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