Coming Soon! A Dashboard for Measuring and Managing Affordable Care Act Regulations

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As the Affordable Care Act is implemented the number of reporting requirements and compliance issues an employer faces are significant.  Are you ready to report to the IRS? 

Luckily, there is a solution available that allows you to be ready. And whether you’re using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll module or not, the solution can work for you. If you’re are using Dynamics GP Payroll, the solution will tie in with your live data via a web service. If you’re using any other payroll tool or even outsourcing payroll, then you can upload your data into the tool. Either way, the end result is a fully functional dashboard with the following features:

  • An Ongoing Compliance Checklist telling you where you are in the process, highlighting key dates, and upcoming reporting requirements
  • Tools and a guide to help you decide how you will setup your tracking periods as defined by the Affordable Care Act
  • Monthly reporting as required by the Act
  • Live visibility into:
    • How many hours are your employees working?
    • Who is actually full-time?
    • What happens if an employee works over 30 hours next week?
    • Am I subject to any tax liability?
    • Where are your reports for the IRS?
    • When will a new employee’s measurement period end?
    • How do I know who to I must offer coverage to?
    • Am I paying employees enough to meet affordability requirements?

And unlike any reports written today for this purpose, this tool will be updated and evolve as regulations are updated and revised.

Ready to see whether it will work for you? Send us an email to be invited to our next live webinar.


By AIM Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Specialists 

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