Where Did I Put That Sales Report?

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If your desk is like many, it is buried in a sea of important papers and reports.  Sometimes it’s difficult to put your fingertips on that one document you were looking for in order to make a swift business decision.  Many businesses are turning to business management technology because it’s much easier to find key sales data on a computer dashboard than in the leaning tower of papers stacked on the corner of the desk.        

Paper seems so important in an office setting.  It’s the official hard-copy of a report containing the data you need to make important business decisions.  You can write on it, file it away for later, or leave it in plain sight to reference as the day or week progresses.  Unfortunately, for many fluid parts of your business, the data on your paper is old as soon as it’s retrieved from the printer.  Inventory, sales data, accounts payable/receivable, and other business data can change rapidly throughout the day.  Hanging on to that neat pile of paper could mean that you are hanging on to old data and worse yet, making important business decisions based on old data.

Turn the proverbial page by replacing paper with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  Today’s robust ERP and CRM solutions will put the metrics that are important to you on the dashboard on your computer screen.  Monitor all of the moving parts of your organization from your desktop, laptop, and even many tablets or smartphones, instead of from the sea of papers on your desk.  Your entire team can enter important data into this single, integrated solution instead of into disparate software programs or spreadsheets.  As a result, you get access to real-time data from your computer instead of from mountains of paper reports.  You have the benefit of watching fluid data and being able to make quick decisions with the confidence that you have the most current business metrics.

Paper will always play a monumental role in an office setting, but an ERP solution offers a safer way to collect, manage, and analyze your important business data – especially the metrics that can change rapidly throughout the day.  The experts at Sherwood Systems can provide additional information about ERP and CRM solutions that can transform the way you work.  Contact Sherwood Systems to find out how to get your critical business data at your fingertips and you’ll never misplace a sales report again.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

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