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Turning the Corner to GP Technical Airlift 2013 – Why This Year is Different than The Last

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With GP Technical Airlift right around the corner, my excitement for the event is building and hopefully yours is too.  Recently when I talked with Jay Manley, Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Product Manager, he couldn’t have stressed more the importance of attending this year’s event over last year’s. Last year GP 2013 was all the talk, and now that the product is in the market, you wonder what announcements we can expect next week.

It seems that we have a big finale in store for us in Fargo - as Jay said, a “Wow” factor to look forward to. Unlike in previous years when the event ended with sessions and then everyone jumped a plane home, Jay stated that, “this year, you’ll be disappointed in what you missed if you do that.” Jay explained that the conference will end with an “event” — basically uncovering “the next big thing” the development team has been working on post Web Client.

After tackling the web client hurdle, we’ll be all ears to hear what development has been thinking about and focused on since. Starting this year,  Microsoft plans on using GP Technical Airlift as its key delivery of the technical direction of the Dynamics GP platform – no more sneak peeks ahead of time.

This is it!  Time for us GP professionals to get “the whole story” in a highly-focused environment directly from the horse’s mouth. I can’t wait! Will I see you in Fargo?

by Data Masons

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