The Low Cost to Digitize…

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Think digitizing can run a business a sizeable amount of revenue? Interestingly, the answer is generally no.

the lost cost to digitize
the lost cost to digitize

When company owners talk about the relationship between embracing electronic workflow and financial benefits, the dialog tends to concern certain aspects. For instance, many entrepreneurs discuss the fact that they will no longer have to buy reams of paper or printer ink in mass quantities.

While this is true, there are also costs that have to come out of the pockets of business owners in order to make digitizing a possibility in the first place. When leveraging document management software, administrators have to invest in the programs and scanners and dedicate a number of man hours that would have otherwise been spent tackling other projects.

Think this can cost a business a sizeable amount of money? Interestingly, the answer is generally no.

According to, when Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation experienced flooding after  Tropical Storm Irene and 500 boxes of documents were ruined, the agency decided to go paperless so this wouldn't happen again. The news source said that digitizing cost about $1,000 per box, meaning $500,000 in all. While this might seem sizeable, that's not the case when you break it down to the fact that it costs less than $0.05 per page.

These expenses seem relatively easy to deal with in those terms. After all, it could cost a business much more if sensitive documents are lost in their entirety after a storm.

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