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My unrelenting plumbing issues started with a slab leak in the downstairs of my home. Months later, my family and I are still living on concrete floors, but lucky for us, since water started coming out from underneath the dishwasher the other day. Little did I know I would then walk into my garage to see water dripping from the ceiling – my bathroom positioned directly above. My home was starting to feel like a poorly managed project – constantly springing a leak, everybody scrambling to plug the hole, only to have another leak pop up farther down the pipe.

This is where business analysis and project preparation engagements can really help a struggling project, or, better yet, get you started off on the right foot in the first place! Companies that invest with a business analysis effort at the front end of the project seem to have fewer issues during the project life cycle. This is because a team of business analysts, consultants, solution architects, and project managers will take the time before the project starts to document the requirements and potential solutions to address the business need. Understanding what challenges you have at the beginning of the project helps the team spend additional time where it counts, deferring portions of the project scope until a second phase (if your budget is limited), and all to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

It’s the same thought process with a home inspection. Most people have one done before purchasing their house to ensure there are no glaring issues staring them in the face. Sure, you are going to have plumbing problems at some point, but an inspection will prevent you from bleeding money from every direction with countless home repairs. ArcherPoint recommends the same approach with your software implementation. Every project is going to have challenges, but with a thorough business analysis engagement, you are going to walk into the project life cycle with your eyes wide open. This will give you a clear understanding of the approach and challenges that will be faced at the project launch. 

So yes, right now, I feel like saying that if I have another plumbing problem in my house I’m either going to re-pipe the entire place or have everything water related moved outside. But you don’t have to carry that same frustration with your software implementation. Whether you are ready to pull the trigger on a major initiative or your project is leaking money like it’s going out of style, make sure you start your project off on dry land by performing a business analysis engagement. Turn on those sump pumps and stop those leaks!

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