Sales and Use Tax is Extremely Complicated! New Guide Breaks Down Sales Tax Practices by State.

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Figuring out who owes, who collects, who’s exempt from sales and use tax and what states that all happens in is a complex process. Many of you are probably aware of how the sales tax landscape is changing with state and local governments revising tax laws to increase revenues in order to make up for budget shortfalls.  The new reality is that you can no longer assume that just because you do not have a physical presence (nexus) in a state, you are free from sales tax obligations.

The Definitive Guide to Sales & Use Tax from Avalara explains commonly misunderstood elements of sales tax compliance and provides a state-by-state summary of sales tax rules and regulations.

If you collect sales tax, this guide is for you. Get started - download your free copy of The Definitive Guide and learn what you can do today to keep your company tax compliant - and the auditor at bay.

Download “The Definitive Guide” and get:

  • An update on the changing sales and use tax landscape
  • An overview of why sales and use tax is so complicated
  • Sales tax practices by state

Download your free sales tax guide today!


By Avalara, Sales Tax Software for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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