Retailers: Consider an Omni-Channel Approach This Holiday Season, Including a Versatile Ecommerce Solution

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The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it is time to start thinking about a marketing strategy this year. One thing to consider is the importance of omni-channel. Where a multichannel approach worked in the past, the evolution of the modern day consumer alongside technological advances has led us down a different road - one that points to the importance of an omni-channel strategy.

An omni-channel approach places the customer in the center of all the resources advertisers have available to them. This means creating a seamless integration between a company's ecommerce website, mobile store, and physical brick and mortar locations. This experience must also put all relevant information in the, like current pricing and inventory levels,hands of consumers,  as shopping around is now easier than ever.

Last October, Forbes published an article discussing omni-channel retail. Relevant statistics presented in that article stated that:

• More than 80 percent of consumers have made a purchase decision prior to leaving home
• More than 50 percent of smartphone owners use their device to guide their decisions while in a store
• More than 70 percent of consumers would like advertising inserts to be delivered electronically

There is no question that ecommerce sales have been growing. The past few years, reports keep showing how total ecommerce sales are higher than the year prior. And further, with the continuous development of smartphone and tablet devices, consumers have even more resources for shopping online. While there are many strategies that can be implemented for omni-channel retail, some simple tips include:

• Allow customers to make purchases from your ecommerce website and then pick up in store
• Further, allow them to return items purchased online at a physical store
• Offer price matching to competitors
• Provide timely order fulfillment that is inexpensive

In an eMarketer article, Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm, emphasized channel consistency: “Make sure that your channels are integrated, so that when that person goes from a website into a store and pulls out their mobile device, you’re giving him a great experience that makes it more compelling than to go to Amazon,” he said.

Azox can help businesses implement an omni-channel strategy. Azox ecommerce solution can be used to create both business-to-business and business-to-consumer web stores. There is also an employee-to-consumer environment that provides a way for staff to better serve customers by having access to their accounts through this portal. Mobile stores are available as well, and are implemented as redirects that work on smartphone and tablet devices. These different solutions offer deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP allowing businesses to provide customers with the most current pricing and inventory information. Further, Azox can brand these ecommerce web stores to be reflective of a company’s existing website. For more information, check out this video and visit the Azox website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing information great information, You are saying right it’s make a bridge between company and eCommerce website.

    Characteristic Omni-channel Approach. Fantastic Azox.

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