Processing a New Item Request with Dynamics GP and SharePoint

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Although ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP are top notch at streamlining and automating business processes, if the people who are initiating the process aren’t ERP users, it can cause a lot of frustration.

A client of ours, a medical equipment distributor, was facing this very issue.  When one of their customers would request a new item from their sales person or account manager, the sales person could only request the item from their manager via email.  There was no timetable for the completion of the request, no escalation process, and no visibility into where the item was in the process.  So if the customer would check in and want to know when they’d be receiving the product, the sales person or account manager had no way of giving them a timely or accurate answer.

They reached out to their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, Socius, to see what we could do to help.  Socius was able to create a new process by connecting Dynamics GP with their SharePoint intranet site.  This new process enabled anyone to enter a New Item request in Dynamics GP.  Through a workflow, the request is then routed to a sales manager for approval, then all parties are informed via email that the item has been approved and are given visibility to see that the item has been added in GP.

See how it works in this video.

Learn more about this process and how you can connect your ERP solution with Microsoft SharePoint by watching our recent webinar.

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