Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift: Networking, Future of GP, & Sessions

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This year, Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift takes place September 18-20, 2013. This is going to be my first time attending, and I am excited! There are so many valuable sessions being offered, I am bound to have a difficult time deciding which to attend! But, there are three things that I am looking forward to most:


Networking: I love attending conferences and extending my network of individuals who work with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is always fun meeting new partners and ISVs and getting to know their background and businesses. Plus, having previously worked for Microsoft, it is always nice to see old friends on the Microsoft campus.


Future of GP: I have worked with GP since version 5.5, and it still amazes me how far it has come. The features and flexibility that have been added, since I started, makes the life of a GP user much simpler and easier. So, I am looking forward to hearing what the future holds; from the whispering I have heard, it is going to be good!


Sessions: While there are tons of sessions that I am interested in, the BI Apps and Microsoft Dynamics GP session have really caught my eye. I am interested to see what the designs are for future Windows 8 applications for Microsoft Dynamics GP. I am always interested in apps that are available, and if there is a way Rockton Software can utilize this as GP users or through new ideas we may have for our products to make GP work simpler and easier.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift has so much to offer, and I know the event will be fun and informative. It is a great place to learn about the future of GP, gain more GP knowledge, meeting new people, and talk with Microsoft staff. I hope to see you there!


Written By Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software.

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